About Hanabako

Address: Sakamoto Bld. 2f, 3-8-7 Nihonbashi, Chyuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL&FAX: +81-03-3272-0505
Antique trade register permission number: 301048100376
Open hours] to 6:00pm closed irregular.
Owner: Masami Ooguchi



We have several exhibitions during the year. Except those exhibition periods, the gallery is open irregular. Please feel free to call 090-3060-3783 when visiting our gallery. Appointments are available on saturdays and sundays also.


Hanabako opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo as a gallery of Ooguchi Art Ltd. in May, 2002. Hanabako is a rare specialty gallery of Japanese bamboo baskets, which carries collections of high artistry Japanese flower baskets for ikebana and bamboo sculptures. Since the opening of Hanabako, our collections are appreciated by not only Japanese, but by customers from abroad as well. Moreover, our headquarter, Ooguchi Art Ltd., has been dealing with art commerce since its establishment for 52 years, and belongs to The Five Capital Fine Art Club.

Ooguchi Art Ltd. 2-1-14 Aobadai, Megro, Tokyo
(Tokyo public safety commissioner association permission number: 301048100376)


We are a member of:
The Tokyo fine arts trade joint union; Tokyo Bijyutsu Club
The Nagoya fine arts trade joint union; Nagoya Bijyutsu Club
The Osaka fine arts trade joint union; Osaka Bijyutsu Club
The Kyoto fine arts trade joint union; Kyoto Bijyutsu Club


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